Our Foolish Founders: The 2nd Amendment


Whether it’s in Aurora, Kansas City, or Newtown, liberals seem anxious to jump at every shooting tragedy as an opportunity to call for stricter guns law. To a liberal, there’s no time to be wasted for mourning or investigations when there is a political agenda to be pushed. The ultimate source of contention and the greatest obstacle standing in the way of these anti-gun liberals is the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

We hear liberals like Bob Costas rant about the evils of hand-guns as they assign them the primary blame for murders as one might blame matches for arson or forks for obesity. However instead of focusing on the many holes in liberal logic, I would like to focus on how I interpret the anti-gun arguments.The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. So when liberals talk about the need to make it more difficult or or altogether impossible to legally own guns, or certain kinds of guns, this is what I hear:

Right to bear arms? Uninfringed? Stupid founders. They obviously thought weapons would never innovate beyond flintlock pistol & musket. Those silly founders carelessly included the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights without considering the risks of allowing citizens to be armed. Probably because people weren’t really violent back then. Those dumb founders didn’t realize how must respect psycho murderers & tyrants have for the rule of law, and thus would never skirt a law that says ‘This gun is not allowed’ or ‘Don’t bring you gun in here’. Good thing us liberals are so much smarter & can right the wrongs of our founders & the 2nd Amendment.

What changed since the founders adopted the Bill of Rights? Did they not have mentally unstable people back then? Was there no violence, or murderers? Or is it just that in the modern day, there is no longer a threat of tyrants taking advantage of an un-armed people? That apparently while the common man has lost the privilege & responsibility to be armed, world leaders have become so enlightened & civilized they would never exercise force & oppress a free people?

When a liberal talks about guns you will likely hear them say that the only purpose of guns is to kill. They speak as if they have no concept of righteous defense. That there is never a justified reason to kill. I wonder why they think police officers, who are there to “serve & protect”, carry weapons. Who convinced them that the common citizen must outsource their personal defense & completely trust the government instead of also being able to defend ourselves? Certainly not our founders. There are plenty of examples in history of tyrants turning on & using force against their own citizens, even very recently in the middle east. On top of citizens protecting themselves from other citizens, to lull ourselves into believing that our own government would never turn against it’s own citizens is a grave error. Our founders certainly believed it was possible.

ImageTo put ultimate trust in government to protect it’s citizens and for them to yield up their right to defend themselves defies the wisdom of history, which our founding fathers were all too aware of when they included the 2nd amendment. While the founders allowed the constitution to be adapted and interpreted, the Bill of Rights represents the core of what it means to have freedom & liberty. I can only imagine the disappointment & righteous anger our founders have toward anyone, foreign or domestic, that would try to diminish or interpret those God-given rights out of existence.

I leave you now with a couple humorous yet wise videos by some of my favorite common-sense intellectuals:


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