The Big 5: ObamaCare Deception

As the Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962) continues to face debate and scrutiny in the Senate, it seems appropriate to review the history of ObamaCare and what we’ve seen along the road of healthcare reform. Such a recap is disheartening as we review the 5 big lies Obama and the democrats have made in their effort for healthcare reform.

LIE # 1 – Obama wants transparent negotiations and an informed public.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Obama repeatedly declared that throughout the healthcare reform process, he would ensure negotiations would be televised on C-SPAN, that he’d “enlist the American people in this process”, and that “the public would be part of the conversation”. However, less than three weeks after taking office, Obama began multiple closed-door meetings with private health-industry executives which resulted in a secret deal with the same pharmaceutical lobbyist he criticized in one of his campaign commercials.

Obama proceeded to create a sense of urgency by pressuring congress to pass the 1,000 page bill in less than a month, before the August recess. When such a rush leads democratic congressman John Conyers to state that there was no point in even reading the bill, its apparent the American people are being left out of the process and conversation.

As the healthcare debate continued, information and opposition toward ObamaCare seemed to increase in tandem. In response, the white has led a fascist-like campaign to silence opposition through fear and intimidation. Obama’s threat to the first amendment was most clearly illustrated through the illegal establishment of as a means for people to report “fishy” opposition toward health insurance reform. This was followed by the White House’s effort to attack what seems to be the only news organization who isn’t working for the Obama administration. The White House’s war on Fox News even led competing CNN to defend a news organization’s right to report political opposition without fear of attack by the government.

LIE # 2 – Obama: “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future. Period.”

President Obama created quite a stir by issuing his own “read my lips” declaration by stating he would not support healthcare reform that isn’t financially sustainable. Obama’s acknowledgment that being deficit-neutral is a critical component of a successful government-run healthcare program assured Americans that our country will not follow in the footsteps of price-controlled rationing found in other socialized heathcare programs world-wide. If only it were true…

It was the number-crunching wizards of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that exposed the lie. Their review of the proposed bill determined that it would not only not be deficit-neutral, but that it would increase the deficit by $239 Billion in the next decade. CBO director and wizard master Douglas Elmendorf also stated that “the proposal would probably generate substantial increases in federal budget deficits during the decade beyond the current 10-year budget window.” It’s no surprise then that Obama’s deception would be referred to as “deficit dishonesty“.

LIE # 3 – Healthcare for illegal aliens.

Many were surprised at Rep. Joe Wilson’s break of decorum when he shouted, “you lie” during President Obama’s heath care address to congress. While fellow members of congress were well aware of what fueled and arguably justified such an outburst, at the time, most Americans were not.

Obama and the democrats claimed that ObamaCare wouldn’t offer tax-funded healthcare to illegal immigrants, pointing to section 246 of H.R. 3200 that, on paper, limits “federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.” However, this lie was later exposed by the Congressional Research Service which concluded that in practice, there would be no restrictions keeping illegal aliens from receiving government-offered healthcare.

No big deal though, with illegal immigrant loop-holes brought to light, the bill could simply be amended to ensure that the immigration status of ObamaCare participants is verified. This would be easy through the use of already existing and effective programs such as the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program. Two such amendments doing just that were authored by republican representatives Nathan Deal of Georgia and Dean Heller of Nevada. Democrats showed their true colors by voting down both amendments, implicitly allowing illegal immigrants to milk the would-be Obamacare.

Thus, with two small words, Wilson successfully brought the illegal immigrant deception to the attention of the American people. It was so successful, the resulting backlash of an informed public forced Obama to support a provision that would require proof of citizenship for enrollment in ObamaCare. ‘Atta boy Joe!

LIE # 4 – The real purpose of the Public Option.

Most in favor of ObamaCare claim that the purpose of a “public option” is to complete against private healthcare in an effort to drive down costs. For the time being, I’ll put aside the fact that you can’t possibly consider tax-funded government programs as real “competition” in the private market, or that subsidizing the price of heatlhcare in no ways changes the cost of healthcare. Instead I’ll simply point out the fact that many of the liberal leaders of healthcare reform have outright admitted that the public option is simply a “sneaky strategy” to eventually usher in a complete government takeover of the private healthcare industry though a single-payer system. Such ObamaCare proponents include Kathleen Sebelius (Sec. of Health), Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff), Rep. Barney Frank, Sen. Russ Feingold, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Paul Krugman (NY Times), and Ezra Klein (Washington Post).

In a later post, I’ll further debate the merits of socialized healthcare and single-payer systems. For now, lets stop pretending that ObamaCare is anything other than what it has been repeatedly admitted to be…a means to eventually replace the private health industry, not to compete with it.

LIE # 5 – The “doctor fix” accounting trick.


Obama set a $900 Billion price tag maximum for healthcare reform. The problem is that dealing with healthcare includes trying to fix the mess found in Medicare which includes the failed “sustainable growth rate” (SGR) payment formula which limits reimbursements for participating physicians. Repealing the SGR, a critical concession to gain ObamaCare support from doctors and the American Medical Association, costs $247 Billion.

Solution? Both House and Senate democrats proposed simply moving the $247 Billion “doc fix” into a separate piece of legislation and presto! More money to spend while still being able to claim it’s under Obama’s $900 Billion price tag.

Hopefully, the American people will see past the lies and deception used by Obama and the democrats and urge and pressure their representatives to reject ObamaCare.


6 Responses to The Big 5: ObamaCare Deception

  1. […] vs. Socialized Healthcare In a previous post (lie #4) I described how multiple ObamaCare leaders have admitted that a “Public […]

  2. garrettmyler says:

    Nick, comparing Mormon tithing to socialism is laughable. Tithing is voluntary. Church membership is voluntary. The money covers operating expenses…so it could be compared to a VOLUNTARY tax that maintains the basic operations necessary for the church’s continued existence and functions. Welfare assistance (in general) is carefully and selectively dispensed on a short-term basis in return for labor / service. That’s EXTREMELY different from the type of socialism and healthcare we’re talking about. Even if it does have similarities, is your point that since Mormon’s have a system that may resemble socialistic principles, the rest of the nation should except ObamaCare? Please stop making silly distractions from the real issues mentioned in the post.

    Criticizing my “fear” of Obama is a lot easier than addressing my specific points and the lies Obama and the dems have told. I DO fear socialism and communism. I fear those, such as yourself, who are either too ignorant to realize a radical socialist/communist agenda when it’s exposed, or who knowingly subscribes to such an agenda. In the same breath you criticize my fear, you expose your own. You obviously fear any fact or truth that challenges what you want to believe…which is why you refuse to listen to Ezra Tafts Benson’s account of meeting Khrushchev just because it comes from Glenn Beck. It’s easier to just close your mind than to address the facts.

  3. Nick says:

    Tevin, I like your cool and collected balance. I do apologize for what may have been misunderstood. I thought I was clear by mentioning “each Mormon capitalizes as an individual” Meaning they have their own business’s and career’s to create income separate from the church. I grew up Mormon and recall the church helping members that had come into hard times. The absolute detail I don’t know of. Sadly, I believe I can see Ezra “that man of God” being cold and enraged. I certainly don’t get a warn approachable vibe and thats why I don’t have any interest in any organized religion.

    Garrett: I will not listen to Glenn Beck at this point. He is not in existence to give you real information. He edits everything into sound bites to freak people out. It’s ridiculous tabloid propaganda. OPB just created an amazing story regarding health care with their Frontline series you really need to watch. With no bias, they tell the stories of Americans. They then go to Europe and discuss the good bad and the ugly happening there. I really feel bad for you that you live in such fear. I was not a fan of Bush and didn’t feel like he was good for this country but never did I panic myself into believing he was TOTALLY going to destroy my life. I am sorry you have this fear of Obama . At most our presidents get two terms. Then the pendulum will swing the other way. I do have to say that gays are going to slowly gain the rights they deserve and some sort of more equal and fair access to health care and education will be achieved and your right to be Mormon and conservative will still exist.

  4. Tevin says:

    Garrett, you wrote:
    “lets stop pretending that ObamaCare is anything other than what it has been repeatedly admitted to be…a means to eventually replace the private health industry, not to compete with it.”

    While I’m not saying I disagree with you, I’m curious what your opinion is as to what “Obama and the Democrats” might have in mind as their ultimate goal in replacing the private health industry? Is it ideologically driven? To what end and to what to what ultimate purpose would there in targeting this specific aspect of American industry (healthcare), and replacing it with a government funded entity?

    In response to Nick’s statement analogizing the LDS doctrine of tithing to European Socialism, let me first say that Ezra Taft Benson would be enraged (to say the least) if he were around to hear something like that. Secondly, while church members do indeed pay 10% of their income to the church, you say that it is going “back into the organization,” implying that their income originated with the church itself, something that (with a very few exceptions) is absolutely not correct. Meaning that the vast majority of church members, are not employed in any way by the church at any point in their lives. Thirdly, the “basics” that all members of the church receive from the payment of tithes amounts to the building and use of chapels, the use of a few other materials, and little else. However, one who doesn’t pay tithing is denied entrance to the temples of the church, the structures that are without a doubt the focal point of the faith (not to mention the forfeiture of the intended purposes of tithing: the lesson of obedience and the rewards of progression and humility). I am in no way disparaging Socialism of any kind (European or otherwise), nor am I saying that Socialism is “evil” and without benefit. I’m simply saying that your analogy is based on false pretenses.

    • garrettmyler says:

      If you clicked the “liberal leaders” link under lie # 4 and watched the video (or watch this shorter one: )…there is no denying that the ultimate goal is a single-payer government takeover of the industry.

      Why is this their goal? As I will show in my next blog post, anyone well-versed in the topic knows it’s not because such a system will offer better or even more accessible care…quite the opposite actually (I’d prefer not to get into here, as many details will be included in my next post). I believe the reason is because they have a radical socialist / communist agenda to increase the size and power of government. They do not believe in a limited government as did our founding fathers.

      It’s funny you mentioned Ezra Taft Benson, secretary of agriculture under President Eisenhower. I think what he said regarding his meeting with Communist Soviet Union’s Khrushchev sums up the radical agenda of Obama and many ObamaCare proponents to increase the power and size of government.

  5. Nick says:

    I was going to get into this debate but it all comes down to one simple fact. People in this country are loosing their homes and children are missing meals and educations because somebody in the house came down with an illness. A number of countries in this world have achieved zero in the number of citizens that have gone broke trying to pay medical bills or go to school. Zero is the only acceptable number for starving children or homeless people due to preventable situations. That doesn’t mean that citizens in those counties don’t go broke over other reasons IE gambling or poor business choices. Two subjects I will relay. I am never easy on you 🙂 In an emergency room setting you have to treat people that arrive for two reasons. The Hippocratic Oath that doctors take (we’ve discussed this before) The other reason is a public health concern. It gets complicated. You can’t turn illegals or uninsured people away that may spread a contagious illness and make the situation worse. Pandemics happen.

    The other word I have : Mormons are in a way european socialist. Each Mormon capitalizes as an individual and pays 10% back into the organization to maintain the basics for it’s people.

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