The Gag Room

Often I find myself reflecting upon the content of this blog and wishing it was more positive and inspiring. While some may see this website as my own person political soap-box, “Looking Deeper” offers me the opportunity to share my perspective and analysis of significant issues, and to hopefully learn and grown from the responses I get from others with different perspectives and experiences.

Unfortunately, while I find politics and debate significant and interesting…it doesn’t adequately reflect how much beauty and joy I’ve found in this thing we call life. For example, I’ve recently found myself head-over-heals in love for the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met. I may have a sharp tongue and seem aggressive when I get into “debate mode”, but when it comes to the topics of family, marriage, and love…I’m a total softy.

What started as a “Puke / Fan Club” for close friends and family of ours who found themselves nauseous after watching us give each other googly-eyes and call one another Poodle-Pie and Pumpkin-Noodle, eventually led to the establishment of The Gag Room.

The Gag Room is what I am calling my “happy blog” and is a celebration of the blissful and occasionally gag-inducing love found within marriage and family.

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you all to visit and to join the Facebook group to see what I feel I feel is even more important than ousting Obama or voting republican over democrat…something a bit less divisive and a bit more inspiring…that is, family and marriage.


2 Responses to The Gag Room

  1. garrettmyler says:


    My parents are unfortunately divorced. While that experience was one of the greatest trails I've had so far, I believe with the right attitude and perspective, every experience can help us grow and make us stronger.

    Out of respect for my parents, I won't comment on their divorce. However, I do feel that in general reasons that lead to avoiding or ending marriage stem from selfishness.

    I don't believe any marriage or family is "perfect" or free of challenge or trial…but I've witnessed some pretty strong and beautiful ones…and you can't expect to make progress when you haven't identified the goal, or "ideal". And that's a club I'm proud to be a part of, as I'm sure you are too. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read your Gag blog. As usual I agree with most of it. You mentioned people seem to be getting divorced over selfish reason's ay higher rates. Agreed! Some people (stay) in relationships for selfish reason's and that can be as detrimental. I think that the fact you want to celebrate your vision of a "traditional family" is great. It's to bad you aren't able to celebrate any successful family. I also learned a bit about you that I didn't know before. It would appear that your parents relationship is no longer. Would you call them selfish for ending? I had always sensed this hurt boy behind the man image. Are you trying to create a perfection that hasn't happened yet in your life that isn't your fault? Join the club…

    NS 🙂

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