California: Upside-down & Backwards

With a deficit of over $26 Billion and growing, California has essentially run out of money and is now handing out IOU’s. Financially speaking, California is without a doubt “upside-down”. So the question obviously becomes, “how do we fix the mess the democrat-lead legislature and RINO (republican in name only) governator has created?” Here’s where things get really backwards.

Unemployment in the state is around 11.5% and the nation is in the midst of a “great recession”. It would seem obvious that the last thing you’d want to do is kick Californian’s while they’re struggling to keep their homes out of foreclosure, with an estimated 1,000 families in Orange County alone are living in motels. Yet that is exactly what the democrats (and a few republicans) in Sacramento have done by passing the largest tax increase in California history. As a result, business are leaving the state and consumers are holding even tighter to their money, which results in less-than-projected tax revenue and a bigger deficit. So what are the dems suggesting now…more taxes! It truly is a shameful time to be a democrat in California.

With our state legislatures, teachers, and other state workers being among the highest paid in the nation, the majority have experienced virtually no real downsizing or pay-cuts (with-holding pay increases is not the same). Instead, the primary solution being offered are furlough days. Why not address the root of the problem instead of temporarily addressing the symptoms? Instead of releasing prisoners as suggested, why not attempt to address the inflated cost per prisoner? Selling state-owned properties such as the LA Coliseum may not be a horrible idea in itself, but it is only a desperate and temporary solution that is still only addressing the symptoms.

Californians spoke loud and clear last May by destroying tax measures 1A – 1E. The only acceptable solution, as far as CA voters are concerned, is to make real cuts and for the government to start living within their means. With all their threats of releasing prisoners, closing schools, and letting wild-fires burn, we’ve had enough and have called their bluff. If you can’t do what you gotta’ do on your over-inflated budget, we’ll find someone who can.

With the increase of the size and spending of the state government we’ve experienced with Davis, Schwarzenegger, and the dems (relative to population growth and inflation)…finding significant and reasonable cuts throughout the system should not be an impossible task. However, it would be absurd to ignore the $10.5 billion spent every year in California to provide health-care, education, and incarceration for the criminals living here illegally. That’s nearly half of the entire deficit!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the responsibility ultimately lies upon the voters. We are the ones voting in and empowering legislatures who run our local, state, and federal government. We can continue to vote for liberal tax-and-spend democrats that support criminal behavior (illegal immigration) and forcing “green” initiatives to address the speculative and unknown issue of climate change…all at the detriment of the economy. Consequently, we can expect to see the utter failure of California and the rest of this nation to follow suit. Alternatively, we can elect and support conservative leaders like Chuck DeVore and George Runner who will basically do the opposite and see how that works for a while.

*For the sake of this post I have focused on economic policies and their consequences. I have admittedly omitted other ideologies such as foreign policy and other social issues that some may feel have more or less significance than the issues raised herein.


8 Responses to California: Upside-down & Backwards

  1. Anonymous says:

    As I understand many states are so terrible in regards to social welfare that people migrate to the states that help them more in life or death situations specifically. Starve in Kansas or get help in California? When you have hungry babies you have to do something. The obvious point. California might be helped by other states taking care of their own social welfare. I have heard that SF, Portland , Seattle have really high rates of homeless youth. It is not that the those communities are creating homeless youth. It is that those cities have an abundance of help for them that they may not have access to in SLC or Las Vegas for instance . Therefore drawing populations from elsewhere. I agree with your point about job availability but to categorically blame "liberals" for the fact jobs have been getting relocated to other parts of the world to better benefit America's bottom line is what's really comical.

    NS 🙂

  2. garrettmyler says:

    I responded to your “minorities” comment in “The Race Card & White Guilt” post.

    It’s almost comical to brag about CA’s “liberal social welfare” programs. With only 12% of the US population, CA accounts for about 32% of US welfare. Now, one might think, “look how good and compassionate Californians are…we’re leading the way.” But does that welfare empower the needy, or does it make them dependent and kill initiative? Even if it is empowering (its not – there’s nothing empowering about being dependent on an easy-to-get hand-out), is it realistic and sustainable? Look at where it’s left us…broke. And you better believe a lot of those precious welfare programs are going to be drastically cut because of our financial woes. We’ve simply run out of money.

    Liberals need to “look deeper” when it comes to compassion. The most compassionate thing to do for the needy is to ensure a strong and vibrant economy with many job opportunities (low unemployment). That way, more people won’t need welfare…they’ll have jobs. With a strong economy, you won’t need to tax the rich and the business owners out of existence (or to another state) in order to have enough money for those remaining citizens (not criminals) with legitimate welfare needs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was speaking generally and connecting this with your past blogs about reverse racism (Race card and white guilt). I don't totally disagree that those realities factually exist. I am only insulted by the fact that you seem to be unaware or in denial of a harsh history against minorities that is often connected in our minds to "liberal". I don't think anybody should be playing the victim card. Well… except for gays. They are still boldly being objectified and victimized. I know you'll love that! Anyway, the point is Obama only inherited a disastrously managed country. We shall see how he does. I wouldn't want his position right now. Yes California and is infamous social welfare programs are in trouble. Don't forget that California and it's liberal social welfare have done a lot of good as well. California does more for it's homeless and single mothers ect ect and other demographics than many other states. I think California should be proud. I can say without a doubt that California has more programs and does more to help demographics that need help then the two states that you praise Utah and Texas. BTW you can surf the Gulf Coast in Texas. You are a Californian Garrett. Deal 🙂

  4. garrettmyler says:

    First, if you believe 98% of US president have been conservative, we have very different definitions of the word. Plus, mentioning that they were white and straight, as if it’s in any way relevant, is shameful. Are you trying to say that 98% of white straight Americans are “generally conservative”? To me, the average shoe size of US presidents is just as valuable.

    The facts are that democrats have controlled the CA state legislature since 1996, and congress since 2006 and in the end both Schwarzenegger and Bush were fiscally liberal (although Obama blows Bush out of the water with his $11 Trillion deficit). While I acknowledge I’ve generalized the solution, we’re lucky if the majority of the electorate know the basics of relevant political issues. Thus, as most obvious and undeniable as it is in CA, the simplified solution is to learn from our past mistakes…which, fiscally speaking, is voting in democrats.

  5. Anonymous says:

    At the very end you mention we should support conservative leaders and "see how that works for awhile" Totally disregarding the fact that 43 of the 44 presidents of America have been white generally straight generally conservative if not totally conservative. This environmental slash fiscal disaster has been a long time coming and created by those you are saying we need to give another chance? I don't think this is a time for finger pointing either. We have a lot facts we have not had before it's time to get real and fix it together.

  6. garrettmyler says:

    Thank you Tyler for your comments. I wasn't aware of the federal mandate on welfare…that sounds like a great idea. Could you e-mail the details on that law?

    Anonymous: I could and should be more optimistic. I just hope people start voting more with their minds than with their hearts. I love CA as well. I looked it up…there aren't any feasible surfing spots in Texas.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love California. Everyone loves to make fun of California right now. California is the 6 largest economy in the world. The state is in huge trouble but as we begin to pull out of this. It will be the first state to return because it's economic resources are far beyond any other state in the union. Like California or not if we woke up tomorrow and California wasn't here. America would lose it's economy and any likely chance at recovery. It's also an inventive and amazing place were the American dream can be achieved on more levels then any other place in the country. I think you should be more optimistic. I think the country is going through changes. I think we are including more of the population in ours thoughts than ever before. I think tat is making us more realistic. Truth isn't easy. In the end it will be ok

  8. Tyler says:

    This seems pretty well written. I didn't have the time to read closely but rather skim the the paragraphs.

    CA is certainly in a major economic mess. Considering the state spends about as much on welfare as it does on education and has ignored federal mandates on time limits in which welfare recipients can draw from welfare. Limit the time to the federal law of five years, and you save the state billions.

    The illegal immigration problem, as far as I can see, is a relatively easy fix; hit the employers. Create enough pain with fines and penalties that employers are fearful of even hiring an illegal alien. Those there illegally will simply go away without any work. It wouldn't take long. With an 11.5% unemployment rate there should be plenty of legal, able bodied residents that could consume those jobs.

    I love "we'll cut firemen, police men, teachers, and let all the prisoners go" spin. Lets see those cuts come from the top. How about a little prudence in your spending?

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