Integrity in Politics

Integrity is one of, if not the most important and valuable characteristics one can develop. Those entrusted to represent the voice and welfare of the citizens of local, state, and federal governments have the responsibility and duty to do so with integrity. Politicians who are misleading and demonstrate blatant inconsistency between what they say, and what they do, should be exposed and “called-out”. I am optimistic and grateful that many others educate themselves on relevant and current political issues and take action to hold their elected representatives responsible for their promises and rhetoric.

Those who neglect to fulfill their duty with integrity can and should expect serious consequences. Such is the case of California Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams, who is facing a powerful recall campaign. A campaign I have donated to and hope is successful.

To me this issue is much larger than my frustration of wasteful government spending and high taxes. I have more respect for a politician who says they are in favor of “tax-and-spend” policies (like Obama) and acts in accordance to those principles (however wrong I feel they may be), than a politician that says one thing and does another.

Click here to see my open letter to Assemblyman Cameron Smyth which was published this morning in The Signal newspaper. In it I criticize his failure to have his actions reflect his rhetoric in regards to being strongly opposed to tax increases. It should be noted that I gave Smyth the opportunity to respond and explain his actions (as I’ve observed them) in case I had misjudged him. I could have retracted my letter before it was published, but received no response from him.

10 Responses to Integrity in Politics

  1. garrettmyler says:

    So…we disagree on what the natural and best formula is for strong and happy families. Most (if not all) of those who visit my blog know where I stand…we’ve covered that issue quite a bit. Feel free to comment more on Aug 08’s “A New Kind of Family” post.

    For the record, I prefer the ranch over the suburb, and I only like a couple types of dogs.

    You know what’s great? Integrity…haha.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t disagree with you . I am not saying that those aren’t GREAT images that DO exist. I am just saying that they aren’t the only images of beautiful families. It breaks my heart that my family doesn’t match that image or was even mentioned by you. I am very close to my devoted family. Are you saying because they don’t match that image they are part of the wrecking ball destroying America… I very much disagree. Just because many or even most families have a mom and dad and a few kids and dog and live in a suburbs. Doesn’t mean you can just disregard or shame those families that don’t live within those narrow definitions.

  3. garrettmyler says:

    While witnessing American’s fighting against fundamental American ideals such as democracy, religious freedom, and tolerance disgusts me, and I passionately stand for what I believe in…those who know me know I hold no real anger in my heart. I’m just “intense”, if you will.

    It breaks my heart that you feel my “vision” of the family never has or will exist. The very reason why my vision is so powerfully painted in my heart and mind is due to the fact that it has and does exist…for I have seen it!

    I’ve lived with my Uncle’s beautiful family and prayed with them as a family…laughed with them at the dinner table. I lived with a friend’s family and observed the strength of their marriage as the wife struggled with health issues. I’ve seen numerous strong and beautiful marriages and families in my church. Every family has their issues, and no family is perfect…but those built upon solid “traditional family” values can come pretty close…I’ve seen it, lived it.

    This is a tangent from my post…integrity rocks!

    Update: Check out this website I found detailing the numerous lies Obama has spoon fed the the media and the nation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with most everything said by both of you… Garrett, I totally believe when you say you have everyone’s best interest in mind. You’re definition or the vision of what a family is will have to change or your going to dissolve into anger. This picture in your head of what a family looks like has never existed and never will. Dick and Jane and Norman Rockwell are just storybooks and paintings… They never really exist underneath. This does not mean that wonderful people weren’t contributing wonderful things. Like yourself

  5. garrettmyler says:

    Ruth, what an excellent insight! I guess what it comes down to is that politicians feel they’re best strategy is to offer rhetoric to their party’s base, but act more moderately to secure more broad support.

    As always, we only have ourselves to blame. I mention this in my “Political Games” post. Ultimately we, the voters, are the fools for having short term memory loss and not being involved enough to realize and take action when our elected officials lie to us and don’t live up to their rhetoric and promises.

    I’m starting to feel pretty detached from the republican party, and am contemplating going independent or looking into being libertarian. My concern is that regardless of what party, it seems most politicians are cut from the same mold…seeking only for power and for themselves.

    This is one of the main reasons why I’m seriously contemplating getting involved in politics. While outside of Santa Clarita, Utah, and Texas my political view may not sit well with many, at least I have ethics and integrity and would sincerely seek society’s best interest and not my own.

    We need to move away from promoting a self-serving attitude and start teaching future generations the value of integrity and ethics and that political SERVICE can be an honorable and noble thing…like parenthood. I feel the decline of ethics and selfless service go hand in hand with the disintegration of traditional family values.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Heh sorry about my tangent… Got lost in the taxes… The reason the Republican Party has taken a nose-dive, I feel, is that it has become too much like the Democrat Party and vice-versa… They are meeting in the middle in the attempt to get “The moderate vote”… which ends up meaning that we end up with people who are only a little to the right and left… and they appeal to members of their own party by talking about the hot button issues… I remember people telling me not to vote Green Party because they are not going to win and you need to vote strategically… “You don’t want the republicans in office do you?” I’m sure this happens on the right too… so what we end up with are these people who can talk about how they represent you, but when it comes down to it… they are in search of the elusive “moderate vote” because they know they have the right or the left because they all know to vote the way they are supposed to…


  7. Anonymous says:

    I do agree with integrity and it has a major impact on me. I was reading poll on the future of the Republican Party. It listed potential Repub candidates for 2012. The question was “Who do you want as your next candidate for 2012” This was being asked of Republicans of course. The candidate choices were Romney, Palin, Jindal or somebody else.
    Somebody else won by 52% of the vote. Optimistically I think the nose dive of the Republican Party could open up America beyond its two party monopoly that has never made sense for this vast country in its demographics and geography

  8. garrettmyler says:

    I think Ruth’s point is that government hand-outs are, as Mitt Romney put it, “death to initiative” and often leads to a feeling of entitlement until everyone is equal…or equally poor…the lowest common denominator. A review of my “I’m not as good as you” post goes along with this discussion.

    My point here however is that voters, on both sides of the fence (for high taxes and wasteful spending or against them), should hold their elected officials to a higher standard of integrity, and put public pressure on them to have their actions match their rhetoric.

    Update: I was on KFI 640’s John and Ken show on 4/15/09 discussing this issue as it relates to anti-tax rhetoric and Cameron Smyth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think thats an extreme example.

    These Moron’s aren’t raising your taxes with those examples in mind. We end up paying in the end through higher insurance premiums, anyway. The wisest thing a society could do is to solidify education and health to its citizens. Wouldn’t you think? I do understand that in Japan, Germany and a few other countries that have excelled well beyond us in education and guarantee that education to their citizens. Students often take holiday until heading into higher education knowing that it will be there when they are ready. We in America feel this great pressure to rush into higher education with everybody telling us we will be loser’s if we don’t get to it. I have had many friends pressured into degree’s they hate. That they paid for because they felt they HAD to go. Then hating life. Two things that must be a right to a society is education and health. If not you eat each other alive or wilt away.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When I was up in Northern California… I had a schizophrenic roommate who got money from the government… He lived in MA, and moved to California to go to school… He wanted to live here for a year to get residency (without working)… When he finally got residency he didn’t want to go to school anymore because he thought it would be a waste of time… because that wasn’t his “life path”… He still wasn’t wanting to work, and he wasn’t doing anything…

    Now me… when I lived up there… I had to hold down two jobs, and couldn’t quite edge out making as much as he did… I often joked “Wow! I’m making more than B*** this month.”

    Still he’s not working, and he’s not wanting to go to school because that’s not what he wants to do with his life…


    Okay that’s my “shock jock” impersonation for the day…


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