Quoted in SFV Business Journal

I was recently quoted in an article of the San Fernando Business Journal which spotlighted the i3 Advanced Technology Incubator, for which I work (click here to view the full article).

I was invited by my boss to attend the interview with the reporter. While I made a few comments during the interview, I was not expecting to even be named let alone quoted…although I recognized the possibility and thus chose my words carefully. All in all, the article turned out well.

While this isn’t the first time I’ve seen my name in a newspaper, it is the first time as a representative of a company or organization. As a love and knack for PR seems to be in my blood (inherited from my mom), this experience has led me to reflect upon how I interact with the media, and ways I might more effectively use the media as a business tool in the future. When done right, PR can establish you and your company as an industry expert and market leader. When done wrong, it can not only be damaging to your company, but make you look like an idiot.

I found an interesting article that provides tips on interacting with media to receive positive attention. Some of the tips include:

  • “Look for opportunities to contact reporters when you read, hear or see a story they’ve authored that’s in your field. If they’ve done a good job, tell them. Also be prepared to tell them what you might have added to the story.”
  • Make yourself valuable to reporters by being the first to provide legitimate news in your industry. When you add a valuable perspective and educate the reporter, you become a source for future stories.
  • Be accessible. Since reporters work on deadlines, a prompt response is key.
  • Interview the interviewer in order to identify their credibility and/or purpose. “Ask the reporter what he or she wants you to contribute, who else has been or will be interviewed, and when the reporter’s deadline is.”
  • Know what you want to say. Don’t just answer questions, take the opportunity to deliver a message of your own.
  • Less is more. Ensure your bottom-line message is clearly communicated.

Hopefully, my future PR experiences will continue to be positive ones.


One Response to Quoted in SFV Business Journal

  1. michaelejahn says:

    I used to work at PowerPR.comGreat post and best of luck to you !http://michaelejahn.blogspot.com/

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