Mexico day…I mean, May Day

Today is “May Day”, a day historically know as International Workers’ Day. But here in LA, due to the large population of illegal immigrants and the current national debate of immigration reform, it is more appropriate to call it illegal immigrant day, or Mexico day. I say Mexico day because if you look at the marchers gathering in the streets of LA today, you will see many waiving the flag of the country they choose to leave…Mexico.

According to an LA Times article, marchers took to the streets today to rally for the end of large immigration raids on employers, and a path to legalization for illegal aliens. I conscientiously use the term “illegal aliens” because I like it, and it seems to be getting phased out by liberals who prefer a softer term that distracts from what really defines their citizenship status.

What’s silly to me is that you often hear illegal sympathizers talk about the fear immigrants have of their families being separated or employees and employers fearing ICE raids. All ICE does is enforce the law…so the only ones that need to fear are those who are breaking the law. How is this a bad thing? Isn’t the whole point of creating laws and respective punishments is to deter people from unacceptable behavior through the fear of the consequences involved. I’m glad you’re afraid, you should be you law-breaker!

I like what the spokeswoman for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said in the LA Times article:

“It’s ICE’s sworn duty to enforce our nation’s immigration and customs law and the agency is going to aggressively pursue that mandate.”
This also addresses the call to provide a “path of legalization for undocumented immigrants”. We do have a path of legalization….there are thousands who have enough respect for this country waiting in line to do it the right way. We’re supposed to reward those who broke the law, while sticking it to those immigrant hopefuls who didn’t?

Everyone who knows me knows I love Mexicans and their delicious food…but my love for this country and respect for her laws is much greater.

PS: Yes, I am fully aware illegal immigration is not it issue about just one country from which immigrants originate from…but I am also not a politically correct weenie that is afraid to recognize that the heart of our our country’s immigration problem stems from our southern border. Have you ever seen any Polish and Irish flags being waved at these rallies?

One Response to Mexico day…I mean, May Day

  1. blondenahaff637 says:

    there were protesters on that corner the other day and i immediately thought of this picture. ur never around when theres a “picket war” happening over valencia blvd!

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