My Beautiful Friend Alyssa Woodhouse

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of attending the farewell speech of one of my dearest friends, Alyssa Woodhouse, as she prepares to leave for her 18-month mission to Russia.

Alyssa is an incredible example of what it means to be a beautiful person. Most of my friends know of my love and respect of sister missionaries. Her decision to serve a mission alone earns her a special place in my heart…not to mention her heart-warming voice and music, her infectious laugh, and her fun and outgoing personality.

She quickly said something in her talk that I thought was profound and provided insight as to the source of her, or any ones, true beauty.

Speaking of her (shorter) humanitarian mission in Ecuador, she said, “I wasn’t wearing any make-up and had on my basketball shorts the whole time, but I never felt more beautiful because I was lost in the service.”

True beauty originates from the soul, and permeates outward. You can try to use make-up, trendy clothes, a car, etc. to cover up your insecurities, but this only provides a false sense of self-confidence. You may fool some…for a short period of time…but you can never fool yourself, and until you can love yourself, from the inside out, you will never satisfy your conscious and obtain the peace and confidence we all yearn for.

Thank you Alyssa for being a great example to all of us, especially young woman, as to what it means to be a beautiful person.


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