Discovering Long Beach

I spent much of my time last weekend discovering Long Beach, and as a result have some recommendations.

After hearing multiple positive reviews, I finally made ate at Roscoe’s House of Chicken n’ waffles. As usual, I had the waiter choose what I would eat which was of course, the fried chicken and waffles….an odd combo, I know…but so good. Not a fancy-shmanzy diner…but fun.

I found out the Aquarium of the Pacific has a special exhibit called “Shark Lagoon Nights“. This free event is from 6pm – 9pm on Fridays through mid-June. There are two pools with sharks and string rays that you can touch. I was particularly fascinated with how affectionate some of the sharks are.

From the Aquarium of the Pacific we walked next door to the V2O dance club. While I’m not an avid “clubber”, this was one of the nicest clubs I’ve ever been to….I was under dressed, which I hate and is a rare occurrence. On Fridays they have free salsa lessons. You can avoid paying the cover charge by showing up before 10pm and/or signing up on the guest list on their website.

While not in Long Beach, just west in Rolling Hills I was recently introduced to The Red Onion…a family owned Mexican restaurant with good food and a nice atmosphere. While in the area, I also saw the movie “Prom Night” which was so predictable and cheesy…a typical horror film. Unless you love cheap scares and plot means nothing to you, I don’t recommend this movie.

While Long Beach is great, I would’ve had a better time with more excitable people…so if you want to go back with me, let me know.


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